Cattle Rancher or Grass Farmer?

Raising quality grass-fed beef is an art. Regenerative cattle ranchers tend to put more focus on the grass than the actual cattle. Sounds strange right?

Good cattle genetics are important but the biggest factor in producing amazing grass-fed beef is the grass!

Texas Grass Fed Beef
We are really grass farmers that use cattle as a tool to manage it. If we take care of the grass and soil, we won't have to worry about the cattle.     
So how do we do this? 
It's very simple. We frequently move the cattle to new land and give the grazed pasture time to rest and regenerate. After a month of daily moves to new pasture, the cattle will graze the land again, but this time the grass will be taller and the soil more fertile. It's a natural cycle!

The art form is knowing when the grass has had enough time to rest or when it is time to move the cattle.       
By managing the grass and increasing soil fertility, our cattle become healthier as time goes on. The healthier the cattle the more nutritious, flavorful and tender the beef will be.  

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