We have all heard America referred to as "the land of opportunity." I really believe this to be true. So true that anyone who puts their mind to something difficult but reasonable, can do it. It's a matter of hard work and dedication.

I started this grass-fed beef business back in 2016 as a 13 year old.

My parents were there to help me by letting me run cattle on their land, as long I built the fences, which still to this day, is the toughest work I've ever done.

With the help of some good ranching friends (and a loan) I was able to purchase my first cattle. This was incredibly fulfilling after two hot summers of fence building.

I quickly realized that folks loved purchasing directly from me. They mistrusted the grocery store and wanted a connection with a rancher who they knew was raising a healthier product.

This started out as a hobby. An opportunity to work hard and build something exciting, but I discovered many problems with our American food chain.

Small farms were (and still are) going out of business at alarming rates and big food corporations are capitalizing on this issue. As they get bigger, the quality of food gets worse.

The majority of Americans have become chronically ill and it's all do to the industrialization of our food.

Autoimmune disease, obesity, heart failure. It's because commodity food has become devoid of nutrition and tainted with chemicals. 

The mission of my business is to change this. To make clean, nutritionally dense food accessible and convenient for my customers.

And by convenient, I mean easy and hassle free!

Running a business (especially a ranch business) is no easy task. It pushes you to your limit. 

However, at the end of the day, I'm incredibly blessed with many loyal customers who believe in nutritious food, regenerative agriculture and buying directly from the ranch.

Thank you for your support,

Your rancher, Joseph Cosgray