Frequently Asked Questions

Is your beef grass-fed AND grass-finished?

Yes! Our cattle are grass-fed and grass-finished. They spend their entire lives out on pasture grazing wild grasses and legumes. 

Do you give your cattle Chemicals? 

Never. They are already healthy and don't need them.

Are your cattle raised in a feedlot?

Never. Our cattle spend their entire lives out on pasture grazing wild grasses. 

What freezer will I need?

It depends on the size of the beef share you order. 

1/8 Beef Share - requires approx. 1.5 - 2.0 cubic ft. of freezer space. This will fit in a regular fridge-freezer compartment. No big freezer needed.
1/4 Beef Share - requires approx. 3.5 - 4.0 cubic ft. of freezer space.
1/2 Beef Share - requires approx. 7 - 8 cubic ft. of freezer space.

Whole Beef - requires approx. 14 - 16 cubic ft. of freezer space.

Is your beef dry-aged?

Your beef will be dry-aged for 7-9 days to increase tenderness and flavor. We have found this to be the optimal time for our grass-fed beef. 

Where are your cattle processed?

We get our beef processed at Dean & Peeler Meatworks in Poth, TX. They are a small USDA inspected facility that does an incredible job. What most impresses us is the cleanliness of the workspace and the professional folks who process our cattle.

How do I order?

Place your Beef Share deposit and once your beef is ready, we will send you an invoice to collect the rest of the payment. Once we receive your final payment, we will ship your Beef Share to your home fully frozen.

Do you ship?

We ship everywhere in the U.S. except Hawaii and Alaska.

How do you ship your beef frozen? 

We ship with an insulated box liner and dry ice to keep your beef frozen! We guarantee your order to arrive fully frozen no matter where you live or your money back. 

Is your farm sustainable? 

Our farm is sustainable. We do this by rotating the cattle through our pastures to build soil and grass health which ultimately produces better beef! We don't spray our pastures with synthetic fertilizers or any other chemical. The reality is that agricultural chemicals produce short term success but slowly destroy soil life, leaving bankrupt farms and sick people. 

What if I'm not home when my box arrives?

Your box will always be packed with extra dry ice in case you're not around. We recommend opening it and putting your beef in the freezer as soon as possible.

Can I track my delivery?

Yes. We keep you updated while your box is in transit to your home. You will also get a last minute notice when it's about to arrive.

Do you offer refunds?

We want every customer to be happy. In the occasion that you are not satisfied, we will give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

Have any specific questions?

Send us an email at joseph@cosgraygrassfedbeef.com